quarta-feira, fevereiro 23, 2011

Vicious Cycle

Lately I’ve been thinking if people can actually change
Well…. I believe so...No I don´t! Who am I kidding?
I mean, I want to believe that
But think about it….
You are what you are because of all of
the things you’ve seen, experienced, heard and felt
And then…. Suddenly because of a bad experience
You think you can change
You look at yourself in the mirror
And you feel ashamed of all the things you’ve done
Your heart is sore
And you don’t want to feel this pain ever again
´Cause you know that this pain won’t go away so easily
But you are still looking in the mirror
When, suddenly, everything starts to make sense
Ok, you know, you did recognize all the bad things you’ve made
And you took the blame, all of it
But why?
Because you are now a better person?
I’d like to think so! That’d be perfect!
But looking in that mirror,
deep inside those, now huge, dark pupils,
You can see through yourself,
And the question comes up…
Why do you want to change so badly?
Maybe because you don’t want to cause any more pain to anybody else?
Yes, maybe! In the perfect world!
But maybe….
You want to change because you can´t stand the pain anymore!
So…that’s it?
Am I nothing but a selfish person?
Maybe I am
Maybe that’s the whole problem
I just want to change because I´m trying to protect myself
Jesus… that´s fucked up!!!
I´m stuck in a fucking vicious cycle
And I can´t get out of it!!!
Well… I guess I’ll have to learn how to live with myself,
And with all the pain that comes with it!

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