quinta-feira, janeiro 13, 2011

Bowie Tee!

Algumas músicas me inspiram mais do que outras! "Ashes to Ashes" do David Bowie é uma dessas que me fazem pensar e viajar pra bem longe daqui. Outro dia resolvi fazer uma ilustração inspirada nessa música. Vou dedicar essa pra minha linda amiga Maria Clara que tem aquela foto mais clássica dele com o raio no papel de parede do celular dela!

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quarta-feira, janeiro 05, 2011

The Drill

Esse é um texto que eu escrevi no final de 2008 quando ainda morava em Auckland. Espero que gostem!

The Drill 

Sometimes everything’s crazy
White lines passing through your face
Feels like a movie…
Suddenly your face is burning
Oh god…
Let me go go go…
I feel like I could run a marathon
And the night has just started
1 2 3 bottles gone
What music have they been playing?
I missed!
3 4 5 bottles gone
All the girls are dancing
You want them all
You don’t even know what language to speak anymore
And bottles keep being dropped…
“Crazy” is all you know right now
And you still dance
Even though the music is bad
Who cares?
Funny ways of having good times
But you do it anyway
6 8 11 bottles gone
Yack! Cardboard tastes bad
You know now that you lost it
Can’t even count anymore
Everybody looks good
Even though you know they don’t
Trips to the toilet are now taking over your night
And now you wonder
How is this night going to end?
You’re experienced
Done this a thousand times before
You might end up at some random chick’s bed
Or maybe burning your tongue eating a meat pie at the gas station
Or even vomiting on the alley way
It’s always a thrill
Sometimes you can’t remember how last night ended
Unless it’s a Sunday afternoon
And you’re sitting in front of the computer writing a poem
About your burnt tongue